Paul Rotherham

Paul Rotherham

Tel: 0753 202 8614


I have worked for Sheffield City Council for 38 years but have gone onto private practice as an independent expert witness/property surveyor/PRS advisor from May 2017.

I have represented Sheffield City Council on the Steering Group of the HMO Network for about 10 years, and in that time I have run a conference and been the link officer for a conference.Both Sheffield conferences, the last in the old format with workshops and the Autumn 2016 conference proved to be very successful.

I have regularly contributed to Government consultations on behalf of Sheffield Council and have continued to do so as an independent surveyor.

I have always recognised that there are two sides to every argument.  As an expert witness, often called in to represent landlords, has always allowed me to see the landlords’ perspective, which is something that many enforcers lack.  It has allowed me to take sensible decisions and consequently, I have been able to settle most of Sheffield’s appeals to the FTT out of court.

As an independent, I am still able to be an effective member of the steering group.