Are There Any Exemptions?

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definition-exemptionsCertain types of properties are not classed as HMOs for the purpose of the Housing Act 2004 (other than for the Housing Health and Safety Rating System) and, as a result, are not subject to licensing.

A full list of the exemptions is detailed in Schedule 14 of the Housing Act 2004 (as amended) 

The exemptions include:

  • Two persons – any building occupied by only two persons in two households 
  • A property where the landlord and their household lives with up to two lodgers
  • Buildings occupied entirely by freeholders or long leaseholders (or 2/3rd occupied in the case of a section 257 HMO)
  • Buildings owned or managed by a public body (such as the NHS or police), a local housing authority or a registered social landlord
  • A building where the residential accommodation is ancillary to the main use of the building, for example, religious buildings, conference centres etc.
  • Student accommodation managed directly by an educational establishment
  • Buildings which are already regulated (and where the description of the building is specified in regulations), such as care homes, bail hostels etc. Domestic refuges are not exempt.
  • Certain buildings that are controlled or managed by a co-operative society